Cosmo Laser Wishes you and your Family a Happy New Year


To all Cosmo Laser's followers:

Thank you for staying with me in 2021 and best wishes for 2022.

Happy New Year!

It has to be better than 2022 : )

Cosmo Laser Wishes you and your Family a Happy New Year
- 2021 Year-End Summary -

Getting better and better!

>>>Part One<<<

fairs in 2021

-Hall Gate-

-Attracted Crowd-

-Shown the Samples-

-Introduced the Machine-

-Cosmo Laser Engineer Team-

-Hall Gate-

-Exhibition Layout-

-Big Sale-

-Attracted Crowd-

-Cosmo Laser Equipment Team-

-Interviewed by a Media Company-

Shenzhen Gift Fair in October

-Hall Gate-

-Attracted Crowd-

-Displayed Samples-

-Marked Samples for Customers-

-Customers are very satisfied with the finished marked thermos-

-Marked Samples for Customers-

>>>Part Two<<<

shipments and consignment in 2021

The above album collects selected pictures. For more details for shipping and consignment,

please follow the menu: Home>Service>In-Sale Service and check.

>>>Part Three<<<

guest visits in 2021
The quality control manager of EKP trading company, Mr Rajeesh visited our factory and checked the machines purchased by the end customers.
The production team of a Guangzhou tool accessories industry company visited our factory on September 2nd.
The CEO of GX Group and Shiyu Trading Company, Mr Ayman visited our factory and held a Facebook live on November 30th.
The design and production team of a Shenzhen jewellery company visited our factory on December 23rd.

Cosmo Laser thanks all for the opportunities and support everyone has given us in the past year. 

We wish you a year full of blessings. Happy New Year!

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