CO2 Laser Non-Metal Marking Machine


Cosmo has 2 models of CO2 laser machine, CC0-6025 and CD-35. They use high accuracy galvo scanner, which provides a high precision marking on non-metals. They are the go-to marking machines for materials like wood, plastic, PVC, leather, paperboard, sponge, etc.

CCO-6025 has a dual-mode laser engine, (continuous & pulses) that give you a choice to select the perfect quality of marking on different materials.

CD-35 uses a pulses laser engine. It is highly recommended to use in the ornament, gift and packaging industries.

To meet the needs of using in different industries, a dedicated CO2 laser engraving machine is recommended. Cosmo Laser is the professional CO2 laser marking machine manufacturer/supplier in China, please refer to the detail page for more information or contact us for authoritative application solutions.


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