In-Sale Service

  • Product Package Display -- Pack the Goods Well in the Container Before Shipping

    Cosmo Laser sincerely express thanks to our customers for their choice and support, the goods will be delivered to your location soon.

    We choose seaworthy wooden crates which are strong enough to pack our goods. Also, they will be safely transported to their owner.

    Every time we saw our products are ready to be shipped, we feel excited. Because we believe, the machines of high quality will definitely bring our customers benefits.

  • Pack a Hundred Sets of Pin Marking Machine for Our Long-term Customers

    A 100 sets of pin marking machine for one of our long-term customers are finished on time. Our staff are packing and shipping the products.

    Thanks for our customers' trust and support. Customer recognition is our aim, we will sincerely, integrity, sincerity treat every customer with and warm service.

  • Ready to Ship a Laser Cutting Machine for our Italian Customer

    A laser cutting machine for one of our Italian customers are ready. Our staff are packing and shipping the goods. 

    We are grateful for his support and trust. Hope the machine will be sent to his country -- Italy safely and soon. 

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