Production Description:

1.    Especially designed for the marking of inner/outer surface of finger ring/bracelet and flat surface marking.
2.    In-house-developed marking software that provides an easy learn and use interface.
3.    Compact design takes up minimum working space.
4.    Ultra-low power consumption of 75W.
5.    Able to mark all WINDOWS compatible fonts, languages, and monochrome bitmap pictures.
6.    Able to mark the minimum height of 0.5mm for English characters, 1mm for Chinese characters.
7.    9 azimuth positioning, to ensure the accuracy of marking position, and adjustable marking depth.
8.    Marking can be repeated with no ghosting effect.
9.    Uses diamond pin for marking to achieve a high brilliance shiny finishing with no additional polishing.
10.  Highly recommended for retail shops for added value service to the customers.
11.   Able to mark on a flat surface with a special attachment.
Production Specifications:

  Marking character size:  0.5-15mm (Alphabets)
  1.0-15mm (Chinese Characters)
  Outside mark diameter:  15-80mm
  inside mark diameter:   15-60mm
  Ring width:  20mm
  Flat marking area:  10mm×35mm
  Flat marking character size:  Maximum 10mm
  Marking software:  Cosmark(Developed by Cosmo Laser)
  Compatible with WINDOWS XP,
  Fonts supported:  All WINDOWS compatible fonts
  Languages supported:   All WINDOWS compatible languages
  Picture format supported:  Monochrome Bitmap( BMP )
  Power supply:   220V / 1P (Standard)
  110V / 1P (Optional)
  Power consumption:  75W
  Machine dimension:   380(L)×180(W)×230(H)mm
  Weight, Net / Gross:  8.5 / 9.5Kg

*Our products undergo continuous improvements. This information is based on current
knowledge.We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.Errors excepted.

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