Product Description:

1. Uses external water chiller which results in consistent, high power laser output.
2. Suitable for all metal materials including 18K, 24K gold, Platinum, and 925 silver.
3. Small welded area results in minimum deformation.
4. Easy to operate, high efficiency, and environmentally non-polluting.
5. Patented headrest design which reduces the operator's fatigue due to long working hours.
6. Highly recommended for high volume and long hours of production.

Product Specifications:

  Laser source type:  Nd: YAG
  Max. pulse energy:  0-80 Joules
  Max. peak power:  5.0Kw
  Average pulse energy:  80W
  Laser safety class(internal):  4
  Wavelength:  1064nm
  Pulse duration:  0.5-10ms
  Pulse frequency:   0.5-15Hz
  Spot diameter:  0.2-2.0mm
  Focusing optics:  Stereomicroscope with anti-dazzle protection
  Laser cooling system:  External water chiller
  Power supply:  380V / 3P (Standard)
  220V / 1P (Optional)
  Dimensions(machine):  1030L×470W×1200Hz
  Dimensions(chillers):  620L×470W×670H(mm)
  Weight, Nett / Gross:  200 / 220kg

*Our products undergo continuous improvements. This information is based on current
knowledge. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Errors excepted.

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